Pros and Cons of Epoxy Flooring

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Epoxy flooring is a well-known flooring option when it comes to industrial properties. They’re aesthetically pleasing, durable, and come in a lot of options. However, there are pros and cons that you have to consider when determining if epoxy floors are right for the needs of your business.  


For those who don’t know, epoxy flooring is a two-part mixture that consists of hardener and resin. Some people call it polymer flooring or resinous flooring.  

Professionals place epoxy over tile, VCT, wood, concrete, or other common commercial and industrial floors.  

However, before you hire epoxy flooring services experts, you should know the pros and cons of epoxy flooring. Here are some of them: 

Pros of Epoxy Flooring 

A lot of companies pick epoxy flooring due to its durability and ease of installation. Epoxy flooring is the ideal solution for floors that need to endure extremely machine and foot traffic, temperature, oil, chemicals, and other things without corroding or peeling over years of abuse.  

Some of the industries that use epoxy flooring for their establishment include manufacturing facilities, industrial properties, dairy manufacturers, distilleries, food processing facilities, and much more.  


This is perhaps the most important priority that any company should consider. Professionals can install an anti-slip coating on epoxy flooring so that you won’t have to worry about accidents and slips. It’s an excellent safety measure for areas with high machinery or foot traffic.  

Aside from that, epoxy floors are extremely visible. It will not have any bumps or cracks that can lead to accidents.  

Resistant to Water and Stains 

When it comes to water and stains, epoxy flooring holds up well against them. Compared to laminate, wood, or other forms of flooring, epoxy doesn’t stain or warp due to water damage.  

If you do accidentally spill something on the surface, all you need to do is to wipe it up. You won’t have to worry about stains and clean up.  

Easy-to-Clean and Seamless 

Since professionals pour epoxy coating, you will not have any ridges, joints, or seams in your flooring, unlike other types. Because of this epoxy is a more sanitary flooring option. It gets rid of crevices and cracks for bacteria and dirt to hide during cleanings.  

Professionals can also add an anti-microbial coating to help increase the sanitation level of the floor. This is particularly useful for healthcare facilities and food plants.  

 Cons of Epoxy Flooring 

Though there are a lot of benefits you’ll get with epoxy flooring, there are also a couple of cons you should consider. This includes: 

Takes Days to Dry 

When you install epoxy flooring, you will have to wait for a couple of days before you can use the floor again. Fortunately, there are modern products out there that can help make epoxy cure faster.  

Smell While Drying 

Regular epoxy floors can have a foul odor when drying. If you’re exposed to them, the vapors that epoxy flooring emits can be hazardous.  

However, the foul smell will not last long if you give the floor proper time to cure.  

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